Bangkok, Thailand

5 reasons for participating in NATURAL EXPO SOUTH EAST ASIA


You are interested in the latest developments in the world of natural food, natural fabrics, natural cosmetics and care and would like to establish new contacts? Then you are in the right place at NATURAL EXPO SOUTH EAST ASIA! And there are even more reasons to come to Bangkok:

1. Meeting place of South East Asia!

Ten countries under one roof – the organic sector in the whole South East Asian region will nowhere else meet personally in a comparable way. The exhibition is the get-together for customers, suppliers, opinion leaders and the public.

2. A future organic market!

Thailand with its well-established and consistently growing organic market will host the exhibition in Bangkok. The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Singapore and Brunei, which all observe growth in organic agriculture land and food products, are invited to join in.

3. Knowledge platform!

NATURAL EXPO SOUTH EAST ASIA brings together all organic stakeholders and associations. Parallel to the exhibition a two day conference program with international speakers and panel discussions as well as variety of workshops during the exhibition will inform and exchange knowledge about the organic and natural sector of South East Asia.

4. Information hub for everyone!

Organic is an ambitious and young market in the South East Asian region. To encourage the discussion about the difference between certified organic, non-certified and natural products, public education is an important part of this unique event.

5. Take a look into the future of the natural health sector!

Natural health and food is a future market, so it’s all the more important to consider how we want to shape the world´s future today. The basis for this must be a common goal - and NATURAL EXPO SOUTH EAST ASIA is the ideal setting to create this fine-meshed network. This new exhibition brings organic and natural into the world!

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